Karen Wells Design was established 7 years ago. KWD projects have been primarily in Fairfield County CT;  with additional properties in The Hamptons, Miami, Nantucket, Upstate NY, and New York City.  Originally from Kentucky, Karen has leveraged her Southern heritage and years working in New York City to deliver not only the highest aesthetics but also manage what can be sometimes complicated situations.


Starting out as a fashion designer, then heading design and production, to ultimately running a clothing company all brought skills that are essential to a successful interior design company.  The knowledge of fabrics, garment construction, proportion, texture, and quality control are invaluable to each project.


KWD offers a fresh aesthetic to each project based on her client's ideas, their collections, and how they dictate the way they want to live. Interpreting each space for its functionality, refining it through color, texture, art, furniture placement and proportion creates an environment for her clients to call “home”.

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